Monday, November 8, 2010


I am just sitting here looking at Thales. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I am not thanking God for him. I still cannot believe how long it has taken us to finally have a baby. I am just very very blessed.
Chris and I know for sure we will eventually adopt. However, we also want to have another biological baby. I love looking at Thales and seeing Chris (I'm in there somewhere lol) and we would love to have another. Now that we figured out our fertility problems...getting pregnant won't be the hard part..the deciding on whether or not we should will be!
We carry a genetic disease so with every pregnancy, the baby has a 25% chance of having it and passing away. I prayed a long time before we got pregnant with Thales and I will do the same again..I just wonder if it makes me a bad mother to take the chance again? This isn't something we are trying to decide today..probably will be in the next few yrs (if I can get done with nursing school!) Just something I am pondering about as I am looking at him. Not trying to rush my time with him or anything..but we do want him to have a sibling. If it is God's will I believe when the time comes we will have peace about trying to conceive again. If there is no peace, we won't.
On an end note...I love you very much Thales Christopher! You are so very wanted and we thank God for you!

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