Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why must it be so hard to get pregnant

Alrighty, this is my blog about my issues getting pregnant again. Most people have no idea the pain and frustration that not be able to conceive brings. Ever since my November 06 miscarriage I have not been ovulating and barely having periods (I know too much info but hey this is life people). Well, the reason why I had Ryland is because I took the birth control pill and for some reason I was able to ovulate. Well, my hubby and I have been trying for 9 months or so with the same method and no luck! I even tried Clomid but when I did not ovulate I got so upset that I stopped taking them. Well, after losing 15lbs and learning my hubby is leaving for the Air Force we decided to try again..I will know March 9th if our trying has paid off or not. If I am not pregnant then I am going to do Clomid again. I hope to be pregnant before he leaves but if not I am going to freeze his sperm...I bet I got some strange reactions about that one! I know I would rather conceive naturally myself. However, my hubby will be gone for like 6 months and I don't want to wait that long to get pregnant. I am sure anyone who has ever been pregnant before and lost a child knows what it is like to desperately want another baby. Once you experience this love a mother has for a child you cannot help but be obsessed with obtaining it again. It is unlike any love I have for my hubby or even my family (I guess we mothers have a small inkling of an idea what the love Chris has for us is like). I miss being pregnant and feeling all those wonderful feelings..it is absolutely amazing! Okay, I am off my tangent here. We are hoping to get pregnant and I am sure you all will be so sick of hearing about my journey on conceiving...I will blog about it often :) To anyone who has a child please never take forgranted what you have..it is such a precious gift to have and it is one to be treasured forever.

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